VR Production

360 content (virtual world) plays a key role in the implementation of a virtual reality project
VR content can be in several formats:

Shooting VR video 360 implies the creation of virtual content based on footage in the real, physical world.

Our team develops a creative script for a video for virtual reality, works out a high-quality filming direction and organizes the filming process with special VR equipment. Then he makes professional video editing in 360 format.


This format implies the creation of virtual content by full 3D rendering of the VR world.

Our team is engaged in the integrated development of the VR world for the tasks of the project. The creative team works with the scriptwriter on the idea, concept and script of the content, and 3D specialists, animators and composers shape these ideas on the leading platforms of Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, Cinema 4D, and more.


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Shooting VR video (VR PRODUCTION)

Shooting and editing VR video is considered one of the main trends in the creation of video content in Ukraine. This technology allows the viewer to see the picture from all sides, feeling like a part of the plot. ADVIN Studio specializes in creating VR content and is able to shoot high-quality videos in various formats.

VR video and 360-degree shooting opens up a lot of new opportunities for businesses. Using this technology, you can:

– show in detail the interior or the future building object;
– conduct a virtual tour of the production;
– conduct an online broadcast with the effect of presence;
– organize city tours;
– create a virtual amusement park, diving club, travel agency;

Panoramic shooting technology is also used for topographic shooting and creating videos from parties, weddings, concerts.

We are ready to offer a full range of services for creating virtual reality video. This includes the creation of the concept, and the development of the script, and the shooting process itself, and the final editing. As a result, the customer will receive an interesting and unusual video.

1. Preparation – analysis of the client’s business, acquaintance with his vision of the project.
2. Creation of the concept of VR-video, drawing up the TOR.
3. Scenario development and approval.
4. The process of filming, rendering 3D objects of augmented reality.
5. 360 degree video editing.
6. Presentation of the video to the customer, making edits.

ADVIN studio creates turnkey VR content. This means that it is enough for the customer to voice the problem that he wants to solve using this technology. Everything else will be done by the creative department and technical specialists of the company.

For shooting VR video, modern high-tech equipment is used:

photo and video cameras for shooting 360 degrees with 2, 3, 7 or 11 cameras, which make it possible to shoot beautiful videos in resolutions from 4K to 10K;
multicopters are powerful drones that can be used even in windy conditions;
moving platforms;
stabilizers and additional equipment (lavalier microphones, tripods, pulsed and constant light devices, sliders and teleprompters).

The price for VR-production depends on the duration of the video, the number of augmented reality objects, the complexity of development and the time frame for which the video needs to be shot. You can always get more detailed information from the managers of the ADVIN studio.

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