Virtual reality

Virtual reality


A project using virtual reality consists of two components:

Content (virtual world) that the user sees in virtual reality and the objects with which he interacts

Equipment that allow users to immersed in the virtual world

We offer three technical solutions for optimal integration of a particular VR project

VR Video 360
VR Video 360

Creation of 360 video content is an excellent tool for the visual immersion of the consumer in a particular world.

Content is created using video filming with special 360 cameras or by 3D rendering of the virtual world.

360 content is all about video viewing – no additional interaction with virtual objects.

The key goal of this solution is to completely visually immerse the viewer in the created VR content.


This technical solution implies both the ability to view VR content and interaction with elements of the virtual world.

VR simulation is a software product in virtual reality, with the help of which the user becomes a full-fledged part of the created world. This is achieved by creating a 3D environment and programming algorithms according to the scenario.

The key goal of this solution is to visually immerse users in a VR environment and enable them to function in it.


Virtual Reality game development. VR games are beginning to be used not only among gamers, but also in the business environment. So, many companies have corporate games for employees and clients. Others use games as an additional tool to monetize goods or services.

Our team is engaged in the development of VR games on a turnkey basis – from creating ideas and game algorithms to final programming and rendering all the content (game world). The annual growth of the world market for VR games is + 65%.

Additionally, we offer all necessary equipment for implementation of VR zones – Oculus Go glasses, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest, Vive Focus Plus, VIVE Pro, Insta360 and Insta360PRO cameras and much more.

Nasza misja:

VR development

Virtual reality (virtual reality) is a technology that is actively used in the entertainment industry, but has recently shown itself to be a powerful tool for business development. Presentations and applications with objects in VR leave no one indifferent, which has a positive effect on sales. ADVIN studio specializes in creating VR content to solve business problems. Tell us about your goals and we will help you achieve them.

Today, traditional advertising on TV and in the press is not enough to promote a business. Modern users need digital stories that are interactive, vibrant, and interactive. Therefore, the development of VR applications provides exciting business opportunities. Creating a non-existent world is a completely new way to influence potential buyers.

  • How virtual reality immersion works:

– The buyer has the opportunity to test and understand the product;
– Unusual experience and game form attract new users and potential customers;
– Acquaintance with the project until its completion (especially effective in the field of repair, design, landscape design).

    VR development opportunities for business and education:
  • Media, art, entertainment

— the ability to organize a conference, concert, creative meeting with the effect of presence;

  • Medicine

— virtual operations for training doctors, teaching new techniques and the use of expensive equipment, working out actions in extreme situations, etc.;

  • Industrial production

— the study of safety, training, advanced training;

  • Online education

— from the creation of training courses to the development of laboratory work for physics departments;

  • Real estate

— a virtual tour of a future residential complex or shopping and entertainment center will quickly convince investors to invest in construction.

Virtual simulations are of several types:

  • Immersive

— a believable and realistic simulation with the possibility of interaction in real time, which requires glasses or a virtual reality helmet;

  • VR without immersion

— three-dimensional presentations that are broadcast on the screen;

  • 3D simulations with collaborative infrastructure

— VR reality with elements of a social network in which interaction with other users is possible (used for developing games and learning spaces);

  • VR based on Internet technologies.

1. Analysis – work begins with studying the specifics of the customer’s business, market and competitors.
2. Working on the concept, drafting the TOR.
3. Work on interface design, textures, 3D models, objects and animation.
4. Writing application and server code, layout.
5. Testing, debugging.
6. Project release.
7. Technical support, work on updates.

The ADVIN studio has more than 35 successfully implemented VR activities. Each project is an opportunity to maximize our creative potential and use the most modern technologies to solve the client’s tasks.

  • What VR developments do we offer:

– Animated VR 360° presentations according to a given scenario in 3D without interacting with objects;
– Interactive VR simulations;
– Holding online events with the possibility of collective participation;
– VR games.

ADVIN studio specialists are ready to take on the development of VR applications on iOS and Android platforms or in VR helmets Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Lenovo Explorer, or any other device.

  • The cost of developing a VR application depends on several factors:

– the number and complexity of images, videos, animations, 3D models that will be used in the application;
– scope and technical complexity of the project;
– the urgency of the work;
– the cost of accounts and licenses in the markets.

Managers of the ADVIN studio will tell you more about all the nuances and possibilities of VR development.

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